Heavy Equipment Tyres – Original

Heavy Equipment Tyres

Tough. Tested. Proven.

Skid Steer Tyres

By the very name, the nature of this machine is to skid. Which is extremely hard on tyres. Skid steer tyres are used in all types of applications from scrap yards and trash transfer facilities, to recycling stations of glass, steel, paper & plastics and in the demolition arena.

Loader Tyres

SETCO’s front end loaders tyres are guaranteed to provide a lower cost per hour with no catastrophic tyre failures. SETCO’s exclusive rubber compound used in manufacturing solid tyres for front end loaders, utilizing a shredded wire mixture with 70,000 lb tensile strength.

Crane Tyres

SETCO solid rubber tyres and rims on a material handler will provide the durability and puncture resistance required to survive in a scrap yard environment. SETCO crane tyres on smaller cranes, with dual tyres, can achieve up to 20,000 hours of operation.

Backhoe Tyres

Our solid tyres for backhoes are guaranteed to rebuild which reduces the cost of the backhoe tyres since you only have to buy the rim one time. Our rims are manufactured with A36 steel, combined with an exclusive rubber compound to ensure NO flats, failures or downtime.

Mining Haul Truck Tyres

Our haul truck tyres have increased strength. SETCO’s non-pneumatic tyres are built to replace Budd or Dayton style wheels, eliminate problems due to the void between a common dual haul tyre set up and reduce the danger of premature failure.

Forklift Tyres

SETCO solid forklift tyres are manufactured with a long lasting rubber compound throughout the entyre forklift tyre and have more usable rubber as well. SETCO manufactures a super single solid forklift tyre that takes the place of conventional tyres in a dual application.