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Material Handler Tyres


More than 50% of material handlers sold today are of the wheeled variety as opposed to track models.

Rubber tyred wheeled machines are more versatile, typically requiring less maintenance and are less damaging to improved road and yard surfaces.

SETCO solid rubber tyres and rims on a material handler will provide the durability and puncture resistance required to survive in a scrap yard environment.

SETCO super single material handler tyres on smaller material handlers, traditionally with dual tyres, can achieve up to 20,000 hours of operation. On larger material handlers solid tyres, tyre life has historically been 10,000 hours of service with SETCO solid rubber tyres, with up to 20,000 hours depending on the operation.

Due to the abusive environment that solid tyres are exposed to in scrap yards, operators have found that SETCO Solid Tyres are really the only option. With SETCO solid tyres used in a material handler tyre application, fear of premature failures is gone. Keeping the roadway or path well maintained eliminates unnecessary abuse to solid rubber tyres as well as the equipment and will achieve maximum material handler tyre life. Because wear patterns are predictable, operators can calculate cost per ton or per hour relative to solid tyre costs. Operator comfort and machine fatigue are greatly improved with the incorporation of air holes in a softer compound of rubber. This advancement has yielded a far superior ride to that of the older style solid tyres, currently riding similar to a foam filled tyre.


Conventional or pneumatic tyres, even if foam filled, can be a nightmare of expense if mounted on a material handler. One wrong turn or even a “stroll” through the yard on what some might consider a clean path can result in total tyre failures.

SETCO solid rubber tyres have the ability to absorb contact with the same devastating debris with only minor cuts or abrasions.

Expanded Rim

SETCO’s expanded rim Crane line is available in a variety of tread designs that offer superior durability, extreme traction, and proven performance. This lineup offers more load capacity and reliability when compared to the competition. Our expanded rim lineup offers more sizes than any other manufacturer in the industry, particularly known for our super single size options. Our super single crane tyres replace conventional tyres in a dual application. By doubling the tyre width, load capacity is increased and the void between tyres is eliminated. This diminishes the ability to lodge debris between tyres that will chunk out tread and break wheels. These custom sizes allow you to maximize performance while lowering your overall cost per hour!

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Material Handler Tyres


We use 100% natural rubber for its outstanding cut resistance and longevity qualities that are such an important part of the life cycle of a solid rubber tyre. Our exclusive rubber compounds allow us to produce the greatest cut resistant solid tyre while maintaining maximum flexibility of the rubber.

100% Natural Rubber

Finest Materials


Only the finest materials and state of the art equipment are used in creating the industry leading solid tyres on rims.


A SETCO solid tyre is used in extreme and abusive applications where pneumatic or foam filled tyres will not last. So tough, our solid rubber tyres are known as “Junk Yard Dog” tyres!.

“Junk Yard Dog”

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